Portraits, nudes, still-life
In portraits I aim for a vivid presence, in nudes a sense of dynamism and animal grace, in still-life a charged but harmonious arrangement. In all my work observed reality is underpinned by abstract values.

1959 - 1970
For most of the 1960s I commuted regularly to a small studio attached to the offices of my agents ‘Artist Partners’ in Ham Yard, Soho, and there pursued my work as an illustrator. Meanwhile, at home I experimented, trying my hand at picture making, hoping that what I was doing might one day lead to a show in a reputable London gallery.

In the mid 1970’s I made a habit of preceding each painting with a colour study so that I could develop both composition and colour on a small scale before embarking on the painting itself. After completing one of my more complicated compositions, such as Passage of Arms or Roofwork, (both 1979), I would sometimes assemble a collage to tell the story of its making.