In portraits I aim for a vivid presence, in nudes a sense of dynamism and animal grace, in still-life a charged but harmonious arrangement. In all my work observed reality is underpinned by abstract values.

Books come in a wide range of categories or genres covering everything from the timeless classic of literature to the latest ‘blockbuster’. The main job of the book jacket is to seduce you into picking up the book while giving you a strong flavour of its contents. I produced cover art for books of every kind: biographies, romances, thrillers, war epics and westerns as well as ghost stories and the wilder shores of science fiction and fantasy. I revelled in the sheer variety of them all.

Many of the faces around me seem to belong to an earlier age. To realise this impression I present my portraits of them as reproductions torn from an imaginary catalogue of the art of the period.